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Our customer report over your Majorca holiday's object

Very recommendable for marvellous holidays with a great family, Dieter Keller

Objektnummer: ACC 01318

The big and nice house with marvellous sea view has different residential unities and a lot of charm. The very cultivated and big garden with a big pool as well as a big patio for marvellous hours. Good infrastructure (verschiendene kitchens, SAT-TV\'s, music arrangements, etc.). Sandy beach, shopping possibilities and a lot of restaurant / bar are quickly accessible on foot. Very recommendable for marvellous holidays with a great family or group (8-10 are ideal).

The best greetings
Dieter Keller

The resignation has made easier to us our consideration to come again, Barbara Köhne and Josef Braunreuther

Objektnummer: PCV 01217

Our home flight the last week has clapped easily, Germany has us
freely of snow and frost-free expects, what the conversion in the home one
a little bit has eased. We have liked four weeks which we might spend in the small house quite wonderfully, we have enjoyed the time on Majorca very much and she has passed to us like in the flight.
We would like to thank once again that you have taken up us with your enchanting small house and his farsighted and tasteful equipment so well with yourselves.

The resignation has made easier to us our consideration to come again and
to spend ev in October of this year some weeks with you (we
think sometimes in the first three weeks in October).

We are glad about your answer and wish a good time!
With hearty greeting Barbara Köhne and Josef Braunreuther

Rest, rest and the sea, Sebastian Kelch

Objektnummer: PKC 00484

Who smell sea, would like to feel and, besides, excessive comfort can renounce, exactly the right one finds here.
However, is simply furnished with the most necessary one is equipped the hut though small, however, suitably. In addition, the big terrace should be used more ideally points than main place of residence. The terrace overcast with branches offers a mixture of the sun and shade, a fantastic look, however, no rain protection. About rock one reaches to the close sea.
Who comes with it rightly, that can breathe deeply here, with sea rushing fall asleep, to the rest come and the time simply forget....... longingly we look forward to the next stay! Thank you for the friendly and adaptable service.

We would book over and over again., Andreas Bednareck

Objektnummer: AML 01142

We have booked the first time with you and the services was flawless.
The Finca was in the described state and we have spent holidays very oriented to family. Equipment and extent corresponded to the description and has fully met our expectations.
On the whole there was nothing to criticise. We have spent undisturbed holidays. Meanwhile this hears the everyday visits of the original owner to the garden care - to his son - one can see so or so. It has not disturbed me, my friend found it sometimes inappropriate. However, this has nothing to do with the factor for good sensations. The worst lack was, actually, the really overdue change of the toilet brushes. But this is rather a servicing tip, than a complaint. The second point which can be also changed without problems is the pool wall. Perhaps, it does not lie in the start of the season yet everything was ready, but the walls of the pool need an urgent servicing. The Finca lies centrally and perfectly off the street. Supermarket around the corner and beach Puerto Pollenca as well as lane stroll in the old Pollenca at 2-5 minutes by the carriage accessible. Look on mountain-miraculous. Besides, we had in May 16 days of sun. The kids found it great.
We would book over and over again.

Very pleasant spots earth!!, Josef Meurer

Objektnummer: PKC 00482

We have felt in the fishing hut very well. Their service was quick and well and was adaptable. Thank you!
The direct water nearness and the night waves were superlative. Everything has the charm of a private camping place, that all necessary at the possession puts without superfluous comfort. If the neighbours make no quiet background music, it is also quiet heavenly. And overnight the fridge with his Ferrari-in-Start-Position sound must be quietened. The shower is difficult to put on optimum temperature. Just still too hotly, the boiler goes out with admixture from cold water. But everything has disturbed us a little, it outbalanced the superlative situation and the pleasantly firm night\'s lodging. Very pleasant spots earth!!

We will certainly come again., Christian Bachmaier

Objektnummer: AIN 01258

Dear Mrs. Taupe

Feedback to the stay in the Finca Ain – 01258 of the 9/6/2010 - 9/16/2010.
Beginning with your website and your service we have to report the following.
The website feels well and formed clear, the pictures corresponded to the object and we had a nice mail contact.
The Finca was in a nice state to look the area all around really nicely in. Nevertheless, the tight is the pool. He was even bigger than he looked in the pictures. The renter was very friendly, also the care on site. Together they organised additional towels for us.
Then the renter still put to us the pool lighting by our wishes. The property served as an inexhaustible reservoir for fig mush and almonds, first-class. The situation was excellent for us, approx. 1 km of the high street away and still only 3 km after Campos. One heard only the sheep, crickets, falcons.

As improvement-worthy we see the following things:
Unfortunately, only 4 sun benches existed, not enough for 7 people property.
The sunshades were not to be used.
The beginning amount of the towels was too low, nevertheless, has fast been increased. The beds, the biggest deficit. They partially robbed us of the sleep for which we had to make up then in the pool. The mattresses were brutal and presumably with a plastic foil reaches round, in any case, they crunched and creaked with every movement, horror.
However, the positive impressions predominate clearly and we had a nice vacation.
We will certainly come again.

We were very contented with house and care., Rolf Strobach

Objektnummer: PUH 00751

We were very contented with house and care. The description and the assessments of the house in Badia grain had promised a lot and had held everything.
From the granny up to the grandson everybody was enthusiastically from the \"Location\" on Majorca.
Situation, equipment, subdivision and \"functionality\" of the house were flawless.
So only one result remains: We come again!!!!!!!

We were allowed to spend a wonderful, restful and unique vacation., Catherine Biever

Objektnummer: PKC 00482

We were allowed to spend a wonderful, restful and unique vacation. The object was clear and well described and on account of the uniqueness of the situation, one could also live one or two hours without stream every concern was worked on immediately and very much anxiously, the services was therefore not only satisfyingly we separate have felt us any time well and affectionately looked.
Who plans a vacation far away from the tourism, loves rest and nature and can live \"Spartan\" him here unmistakeable spots find earth in the middle on Majorca!

The house leasehold by us fully corresponded to our expectations., Sonja Demel

Objektnummer: PUH 00751

Hello Mrs. Taupe,
enclosed of our assessment for the object leasehold by us PUH00751:

For the time being thanks for the professional care!
The house leasehold by us fully corresponded to our expectations. Very cleanly, all necessary facilities available, also the situation perfectly.
We have enjoyed the week with our friends very much and are glad about a reunion!

We can only recommend this great summer cottage., Heidi Zielhoff

Objektnummer: PCT 00794

Hello Mrs. Taupe,

Ee have spent with a total of 10 people our vacation in this summer cottage.
Each of us was more than contently!
The object has not only corresponded to the photos and the description on the web page, but has excelled all expectations!
We can only recommend this great summer cottage.

To recommend without limitation all together., Andreas Schäkel

Objektnummer: PCT 00794

Hello Mrs. Taupe,

here now our feedback to an around successful Majorca vacation:

Situation of the object:
Now better it really does not go. Everything is to be reached foot-in heat. To the beach as well as in the animated centre of Cala d Or these are in each case maximum 150 m. Nevertheless, one has never to live on account of the size of the property the impression in the middle of the town.

Object description:
A true jewellery small box with marvellous Pool!! One feels in many details which was built this object obviously to the own use. Although we had arrived with 9 people, a feeling of the narrowness never arose. The kitchen is generously equipped with all, what one for one Self-supporting vacation needs.
The Internet presentation of this object has succeeded very much. One finds again on site precisely what one expects on account of the pictures and description.

Care on site:
There have appeared during our vacation no problems which would have had to be solved immediately. Nevertheless, during the flat takeover one could clearly feel which is the contact with heart blood with the thing. So I am to me certainly also this aspect positively can be valued.

To recommend without limitation all together.Many greetings and continues in such a way!

everything has clapped really., Ingrid Kuhl

Objektnummer: ACC 00763

Hello Kerstin,

I wanted to thank quite warmly you and your team for the nice flat. Everything has clapped really. The flat and the arrangement really. I wanted, actually, closer to the sea, however, it also was SO OK.
If I retime on Majorca a flat need your address I have.
Dear thanks also from my family.

The situation of the holiday apartment and the place are wonderful., Stephan Äschlimann

Objektnummer: AML 00321

The situation of the holiday apartment and the place are wonderful. Also the flat is very pleasant, clean and furnished suitably. The description on your website does not promise too much. Many thanks.

The house in Bahia Grande is comfortable, Henning Kraus

Objektnummer: PUH 00751

Dear Mrs. Taupe,
here ours feedback to the house in Bahia Grande:

The house in Bahia Grande is comfortable, nice and furnished functionally.
It has enough place for 6 people who can go for themselves to house and garden also sometimes \"from the way\". The pool is miraculous and lets forget that a useful beach is not available at the place!
The takeover ran - in spite of considerable delays at the airport - spontaneously, without any problems and warmly. The delivery also.
We would rent this house with suitable opportunity anyway again!

All 20 people have found a nice sleeping place ;-), Stefanie Brieger

Objektnummer: PJB 00017

Hello Mrs. Taupe,

We have spent this year for the first time our annual team\'s tour in a Finca and were completely inspired.
All 20 people have found a nice sleeping place and almost every room had a matching nice big bathroom.

Perfectly for us were the big common rooms / kitchen and of course the pool and patios arrangement. Everything was clean and got ready affectionately for us.
The owner which lived in immediate nearness have looked after us really and have stood with words and deeds aside. This was really first-class!!!

To Arenal we are trouble-free, favorable and have driven fast with the taxi and after Palma gibts also a good coach binding.

The vacation was really great insgsamt, has really excelled our expectations and was over of course too fast.
Our result: We come again!

The Finca lies wonderfully and quietly., Jörg Pieper

Objektnummer: AML 01120

Dear Mrs. Taupe,

with pleasure I would like to inform you of our experiences of our stay on Majorca.
In general corresponded the booked Finca 100% to the descriptions on your web page. In this respect we had the great first impression, because we could appear very well to it.

The Finca lies wonderfully and quietly. Nevertheless, she has the advantage that shopping possibilities (supermarket) is to be found at only 3 min. of distance. Also the situation between Pollenca and port Pollenca is excellent for all enterprises.

To the service: We had directly on the first day 3 small problems: The heating functioned only in a part of the Finca, unfortunately, the water cooker broke and the coffeemaker was a little bit old (one can also say rusted …) As a result we visited your office where us was helped very nicely: 2 hours later an assembler came for the heating and 3 hours later 2 brand new electrical appliances were delivered. Splendidly!

All in all, we were extremely contently with the whole service, the winding up and of course the nice vacation.

Many thanks for the nice days on Majorca., Bernd Herrmann

Objektnummer: PUH 00751

Dear Mrs. Taupe,

many thanks for the nice days on Majorca.
The summer cottage in Bahia grande wonderfully lies if one, like we, on Majorca not only wants to have a bath. Short ways are guaranteed by the developed streets and max. 5 minutes to the highway or to the beach. Therefore we could reach by our rent car also all places of interest of the island, and were them also in the last corner, at max. 60 minutes.
The house itself had everything what we for a relaxed vacation needed, kitchen with all accessories, very tastefully furnished sitting room, three bedrooms with really good mattresses (unfortunately, not always a self-evident fact) and of course with pool and terrace.

It is worth mentioning that Bahia grandee lies with a coast, i.e. Have a bath in the sea directly before the door is not. However, for it one also has the advantages of the coast: Rest, clean water and fantastic sundowns. So how we Bavaria say \\\"ois Super \\\"!
Many thanks and up to the next spot.

Our holidays in Llucmajor were quite great!!, Maren Würl

Objektnummer: PSN 00905

Our holidays in Llucmajor were quite great!! Indeed, it was simply right everything: Finca, contact, surroundings, weather and everything around and in it. 4 days were too short and we did not want to go back any more. I can recommend to everybody such a short trip, it is worthwhile definitively.
Thank you also for your competent way!
In this sense, all the best for you and a lot of success furthermore!

Fishermen\'s huts, Stefan and Sarah from Munich

Objektnummer: PKC 00483

Those who want to spend their holiday in Mallorca apart from the luxurious hotels, we highly recommend one of the small former fisherman\'s cottage, to spend the best time of year. In the buildings, everything you need is there. The views of the directly adjacent sea, the proximity to Palma, calmness and the excellent local support, leaves no wish unfulfilled. We are always happy to come back. Stephen and Sarah from Munich.

Our summary of this holiday: Anytime again!, Luke Adamek

Objektnummer: PJB 00017

Everything was as expected, this delightful, grand estate we booked through you on the island. It offers almost everything one can wish for a vacation.
Beside the charm of this dreamy structure and the large property, where we discovered a piece of news almost daily, it offers numerous possibilities to spend a wonderful time.
We spent a wonderful evening cocktail at the pool, prepearing our own pizzas, baked in the oven and the proximity to El Arenal gave us the chance to experience nightlife at the tourist area.
Since we visited this house with a larger group, it was important to us to have a possibility to take our time out, thanks to the generous size of this property.
In addition, our local contact almost fulfilled every wish we had.
Our summary of this holiday: Anytime again!

Holiday 2010, Brunhilde Dörscheln

Objektnummer: PKC 00484

Hello Mrs. Taupe,
it was beautiful in the little fishingcottage. We also want to spend our holidays there in 2010.

Best regards
Brunhilde Dörscheln

The vacation was wonderful, Bärbel Schweitzer

Objektnummer: ACO 00098

Good morning, Mrs. Taupe,

We would like to thank you and your colleagues. The complete service was just great.
The vacation was wonderful. The images corresponded absolute (the facts or the other way ?):-) We had a lot of fun. Thanks to your directions and the escort to the Finca, everything was easy to find.
We all agreed that we will be book with you again :-)

Again many thanks and best regards
Bärbel Schweitzer

Florian Falk, The house was as stated on the internet!

Objektnummer: PUH 00751

Hello Mrs. taupe,

We\'d like to thank you.
We were very pleased with your service and we can\' t complain about anything.
The house was listed as the internet, very beautiful and corresponded fully to our ideas.
Thus, the data are very precise on your homepage and also the clarity is satisfactory.
All in all we were very satisfied and in future holiday we will definitely be back!

We would book this house again!, Michael Muegge

Objektnummer: PUR 00817

We have booked the first time on Estrella and there is nothing negative to report. On the contrary, we are very satisfied.
The house: very very nice.
But: In the casita offered by the property owner, our children didn\'t want to sleep there. But Katja has just brought us one private mattress, so that our youngest among the 17-year-old boys could be accommodated. (that was for him the greatest.) And we were pleasantly surprised by the helpfulness, not self-evident.
And us all were completely satisfied and we had an absolutely wonderful holiday.
For improvements:
1. The pool lights should work
2. The existing Grilltong is scrap. There are good solid stainless steel tongs.
3. It would be nice with a shower at the outdoors. As one goes Gardena - shower, which is plugged into the existing garden hose.

Conclusion: We would book this house again!



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