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Estrella Feriendomizile

Josef Rigotti

Allerer 3

83666 Waakirchen


Tel: 0049 8025 925 96 06


Steuernummer: 139/262/90333

USt. ID: DE- 280278755

Webdesign, Webdevelopment

8. Mai Straße 26
9020 Klagenfurt, Austria

Exclusion of Responsibility

Estrella Feriendomizile does not take any responsibility for the information provided, if it is up to date, correct, complete or the quality of informations. Claims against Estrella Feriendomizile, which caused any kind of damage, through use or none use of the information provided, or through the use of wrong or incomplete informations, are deffinatly expelled, if there is no evidence of intentional and careless behavior from Estrella Feriendomizile side. All offers are free and without obligation. Estrella Feriendomizile reserves the right to change, add or delete parts or the complete offer of the website and eventually stop to publish the information for a certain time or deffinatly without prior announcement. Links to other websites are not responsibility of Estrella Feriendomizile and claims are only accepted, if there is prove that Estrella Feriendomizile had knowledge of illegal contents on these websites and did not stop publishing. Estrella Feriendomizile confirmes that at the moment of link setting, no illegal contents have been found on these other websites. Estrell Feriendomizile has no influence of further changes, contents or copyright of these websites and discociates itself after link setting. This takes place for all links to other websites. Only the potential seller is responsible for the own website and in case of illegal, faulty or uncomplete contents and specially for damage, which may be the result of the use or none use of the information provided. In the case, that a website requests personal data (names, e-mai, address), the user provides this information voluntary. This exclusion of responsibility is part of the internetoffer of the website which provided or recommended links to this particular website. In the case that a part of this text or some contents of this text do not correspond to the valid law, or does not correspond completeley, the other parts will be valid in their contents and will not lose their validity.



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